Jesus had all the power in the world when He lived on earth in Galilee 2000 plus years ago. The Lord’s power was revealed many times during His ministry when He interacted with people. On one occasion, a mere three words from Jesus’ mouth resurrected Lazarus’ dead body from the grip of death and gave ... Read more

In the Autumn 2013 my wife and I travelled to Spain, a dream vacation where we took in the architecture and art. One of our final stops was the town of Málaga, a port city on southern Spain’s Costa del Sol, known for its high-rise hotels and resorts jutting up from yellow sand beaches. It’s ... Read more

In 1618 a painting was created of a woman from the Constable family. In order for the painting to be preserved the people of the day covered the painting in a thick layer of varnish. This left the painting dull and bland for around 200 years, until Philip Mould was commissioned to restore the work ... Read more