Guest blogger – Teamwork

Jesus had all the power in the world when He lived on earth in Galilee 2000 plus years ago. The Lord’s power was revealed many times during His ministry when He interacted with people. On one occasion, a mere three words from Jesus’ mouth resurrected Lazarus’ dead body from the grip of death and gave him life again. Jesus healed lepers; restored sight to the blind and multiplied loaves of bread to feed thousands of followers. Yet, amid Jesus’ display of divine power, there remains a big question: why did he not do ministry by Himself, considering all the power at His disposal?  He really did not need His disciples to help Him accomplish His earthly purpose. 

Jesus’ decision to include a team in His earthly mission should be a lesson to humanity, especially those who have surrendered their hearts to following and leading like Jesus. The Messiah chose twelve men. He personally selected and created a team that assisted Him in many different ways. Judas, for example, managed the finances of the ministry. No matter the amount of power or authority a person possesses on earth, he or she will quickly discover that it takes a team of people to implement a vision. One person cannot do everything. God has gifted each person with unique abilities, competencies, experiences and a personality to not just be different, but to also fit in and contribute to teamwork. You might not feel like you belong, but there is a seat at a table for you among others. It is how God works. We need each other. 

Some people like doing things by and for themselves because they trust their own skills and knowledge. They are cautious, even skeptical of what others will or can do for them. Some people simply do not like working with other people. On a very small scale it is possible to work by ourselves and not use a team, but as a ministry, church, business or political party grows from the mind of its founder and take root in a meaningful way, it will invariably require other people to make the dream a reality. 

Teamwork allows for diversity. We get creative input from others and learn much more from other team members. Teamwork also allows for wisdom and better decision making, because our ideas are examined, critiqued, even rejected at times, and for good reasons. Working with a team forces us to refine our thinking and planning regarding people and projects. Teamwork provides space for others to contribute to the vision with his or her talents. Teamwork also allows for a collaborative experience where work is shared and embraced as part of a bigger picture. It forces us away from being territorial, myopic in perspective and from operating in silos.  

Serving on a team isn’t perfect. Sometimes a strong personality often dominates a team and introverted personalities are sometimes overlooked, but a good leader knows how to lead a team and avoid these negatives. There are and will be challenges, but the good far outweighs the negatives. We are better together than we are by ourselves. Thank God for the team you are on. Live intentionally with them and be your best self to the team. You need them and they need you – who you are and what you have to offer. 


by Guest blogger – Kiplin Batchelor