A community of people who stand firm in the Truth over time, against raging currents of opposition and who present living proof of a loving and holy God to a watching world


In 1976 Harold and Lorraine Kagan moved to their new home at 13 Ness Ave, Bryanston ext 8. They became friends with their Neighbour’s across the street, Laurie and Joy Jordaan. Their Christian experience took a fresh turn after they were baptized in the Holy Spirit and felt to start Sunday services at the Kalgan’s home and a Wednesday meeting at the Jordaan’s home.

These meetings continued for some time with new people being added to the group weekly. This necessitated a move to the Bryandale Primary school hall. Members took turns in preaching and teaching, and guest preachers were invited as well. During the Christmas holidays of 1977 Dudley Daniel was invited to preach at the services. This visit became more permanent when Dudley and Ann Daniel were asked to prayerfully consider leading this group of eager saints. In early 1979 an Induction service was held and Dudley stepped into office leading New Covenant Church Bryanston to becoming a base church impacting not only the city of Johannesburg but also the Nations of the world.”


Ashley and Nadine Bell lead the team that leads the campus. They have been committed to growing the local church for a total of 35 years and both share a passion and heart for the Kingdom.

They believe in the next generation and value the wisdom and guidance of those that have gone before them. Their heart is for worship, the city, the nation and nations of the world. Nadine loves the creative and this is expressed both on campus and through many facets of church life, as we worship the ultimate Creator. Ash and Nadine are parents to three children, two daughters and a son and have the blessing of five grandchildren.



Paul and Evie are known to value community, and long to call out ‘the gold’ in those around them. Paul is the Worship Pastor and Evie works on various creative projects on the campus.

Paul and Judy Hannington

Their passion is to see people walking in the fullness of what God has for them. They are exceptional pastors and delight in caring for others.

Trevor and Abigail Hartley

Trevor and Abigail have a passion to see Kingdom values restored in the marketplace. Trevor and Abigail lead a very fruitful Business Forum that currently enjoys global impact.

Michael and Jenni Lloyd

The Lloyds are both strongly administrative. Michael is the Executive Business Officer of both King's College and Prep, while Jenni is the Dean of First Worship College Of Ministries.

Cameron and Claudia McGregor

The McGregor’s passion is to see the Holy Spirit move to bring about healthy families, vibrant marriages and real whole-hearted communities.

Pierre and Tamara Vercueil

Their passion is to see God's kingdom being established in every part of people's lives by imparting a hunger for the word of God, engaging in the intimacy of prayer and creating an expectation for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.