Stuck in the Middle

Many times, we have a negative connotation that comes with being stuck in the middle. It is often a feeling of frustration, going no-where, maybe even being misunderstood?

To be stuck in the middle is sometimes the hardest place to find joy and contentment. This constant reminder of where we are NOT, can be exhausting both physically and mentally, and the option of giving up is so tempting.

It reminds me of the disciples being stuck on the lake of Galilee on their way to the other side in Mark 6: 48. These folk were fishermen and they were familiar with the waters and the weather, which included big storms and great winds. We read in vs 48 that A great wind came up and caused waves.

Isn’t life just like that? We know it, are familiar with it and yet just like that “a great wind” comes. Even though we may know this, we are still surprised, taken off guard when it comes and it so often wears us down, drains us and mostly it can block the journey, slow us down, make us lose focus. Fear grips and takes hold of us and we want to give up. We know that this wind occurred between 3am and 6am – the darkest hours before dawn. The disciples must have been so tired and weary. YET Jesus saw them from afar, and walked towards them on the water – isn’t that beautiful? He sees us and He cares. We are not stuck in the middle without attention, void of God’s love and plan. He is not distant, He hasn’t forgotten you.

In vs 49 it tells us they were scared and did not recognise him. Today, as we read that we often have much to say about how unbelieving they were, how did they not see him, and where was their faith? BUT we are just like that too. When we have been battered by life’s waves, exhausted, overwhelmed and worn down, and something different happens (something unexpected) we are afraid, we don’t see HIM.

Jesus is on His way, He shows up and it changes everything! He responds to say, “Oh you of little faith.” He could have reprimanded them and said “Where is your faith?” but instead the graciousness of our God says, your faith is small and needs to grow. I want you to see me in the storm and not be overwhelmed with life. My presence brings peace and you need to know me, recognise me and rest that I have a plan always, and am with you! Your ship isn’t going to sink. The physical pain may be real, the sickness all consuming, the financial struggle so overwhelming and the circumstances or situation may be brutal. This may even feel like it is your own fault or you deserve this YET Jesus is with you, bringing you through in His presence and by His power.

When Jesus came into the boat, they were IMMEDIATELY at the other side! Another miracle … WOW! We need to pause here and think about that.

These things come to an end and with Jesus being with us in the times of “being stuck” there is hope, there is an immediateness that takes place. We can be “stuck in the middle” yet there are miracles that take place in the middle – He is with you, close with you, invite Him in and be at PEACE.

By Jenni Lloyd