Love Our City is a vehicle through which we pursue the mandate to live in a just way that honours God.


He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you?



Love Our City partners with schools throughout the city, with a specific focus on those situated in disadvantaged and low socio-economic communities. We extend support in various ways, to address the specific needs of the schools and contribute to improving the quality of education they can offer to their students. This aims to have a broader impact or ripple effect on the surrounding community.

Neighbourhood Projects

Love Our City has identified several challenges in our immediate surroundings which are in need of intervention. Initiatives have been set up to support the elderly, clean-up efforts in the surrounding greenbelt and river areas and maintenance and support of community infrastructure.


The Love Our City Community Closet provides clothing items donated by our community to those in need, from or connected to the NCCB campus through various partnerships and relationships.

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For those in need of clothing items, a voucher is issued by Love Our City which allows a set number of items to be selected once a month for up to a year to assist with a wardrobe of seasonal items.
Career Stride - Prep, Dress, Succeed
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Interview-appropriate clothing and job-hunting guidance and support are provided through the Employment Seeking Program.
Clothe the Future
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New and preloved school clothing items, including new socks and underwear are provided to children in need of these items in NCCB and the Love Our City Network of Schools.
Nurturing Newborns
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Baby kits are made for new parents who are in need at NCCB and through our partnership with Abba Adoptions for the birth moms that they support. The aim is for this to include clothing items for ages 0 - 9 months.
Glamour and Grace
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Matric Dance Attire - formal items including dresses, shoes, jewellery, suits, ties and such attire for matric students in preparation for their matric dances for those needing such in NCCB and the Love Our City Network of Schools.
Sustain Her
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Offcuts of clothing that are considered defects(due to tears and/or stains) are upcycled into reusable sanitary pads. These are supplied to girls in the Love Our City Network of Schools in order to support their schooling by ensuring that they avoid unnecessary absenteeism from school due to a lack of sanitary products.
Love Our City Thrift
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Gently worn and new clothing items which are sold in the thrift store. The money raised in the thrift store is used for Love Our City projects.

What Moves You?

The Love Our City “What Moves You?” campaign looks at how we as the NCCB community can move with compassion. The aim is to engage and equip individuals on our campus with a lifestyle of living for the benefit of others. Archbishop Tutu captured it best when he said “Compassion is not just a benevolent feeling but seeking to change the situation. Frequently people think compassion and love are merely sentimental. No! They are very demanding. If you are going to be compassionate, be prepared for action!” We see in the scriptures a call to justice, a call to move with compassion and not just have that tugging of the heart, but to let it trigger action.

Tarryn Jansen van Vuuren

Tarryn Jansen van Vuuren is the Social Impact Ministry Head at NCCB. With over a decade of experience working in the areas of youth employability and career counselling, she has specialised in project and events management, stakeholder engagement and policy development in the public sector.

Tarryn aims to inspire and activate individuals to play an active role in their communities. She believes that bringing a biblical perspective to social justice is essential, following the call to justice we see in scripture with practical action in our world.

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