Ever heard the saying, problems, problems everywhere? Any leader will quickly realise that there will always be a steady stream of issues flowing towards them in a leadership role. Some issues are big, and some are small, but not a day will go by without having to deal with problems. So, here are three practical tips ... Read more

The Future of Education – Making Thinking Visible The big shifts and innovations within the educational world are fascinating. In previous articles I have mentioned some of them; the move from traditional curriculum/assessment-driven classrooms to ones that develop a deep sense of curiosity in learners, the embracing of enabling technologies to allow for better critical ... Read more

In last month’s article, we briefly addressed the fact that Education, for the most part, has been pretty much the same for the last couple of decades. I wrote that education has been slow to see much needed progress towards developing future-focused, lifelong learners. Schools and education centres, like The King’s College (again, I am ... Read more