Stop it

I’m known by my friends and family to have this expression: “STOP IT”. If something exciting, or something bad happens, even when I’m annoyed, I say “STOP IT”. And yes, there’s been times when I’ve had some hard conversations with myself and said those words out aloud: “Nadine STOP IT!!”.

Wouldn’t life be simple if those were the only two words we could use to solve our relational issues?

With friendships that are inconsistent – when we never know which version we’re getting. One day they greet you and are just lovely, the NEXT day they don’t. We never know where we stand with them. If we could just say to them “STOP IT”. And then they change and become consistent.

When people want to be right, more than they’re happy. Twisting the truth and eventually believing their own lies. If we could just SAY to them “STOP IT”. And then they become honest straight-talking friends, where their YES means YES and their NO means NO.

In the workplace – when people feel we owe them something. Toxic people who send out vibes pretending what they do is all for us, but it’s not, it’s all to advance themselves or elevate themselves to be the center of attention. If we could just say to them “STOP IT”. And with the change, there is peace and harmony in the workplace.

In counseling – when people don’t want to take godly advice and read their Bibles and pray every day. (Because it’s good for them and the basics of Christianity). If we could just say to them “STOP IT”. And when they start doing that, their lives start to transform.

If only it was that simple. But maybe it is. JUST STOP IT!!! All those unhelpful addictions and idols you’re holding on to in your life. Let it go. Just STOP IT!

Why do I feel so strongly about this?
Because people need to experience freedom and healing. Ash and I often say that we desire great futures in God, for people, more than they desire it for themselves.

As we choose God’s path and way, we will see transformation. Modern day narratives argue that your personal vice is not your responsibility, but one must consider the following text.

“The Lord is faithful and He will establish us” (2 Timothy 2:13)

Life is too short not to have quality time with your friends.
Life is too short not to be happy.
Life is too short not to have fun at work or play team.
Life is too short not to listen to godly counsel. (The alternative is too scary.)
Life is too short to hold on to all sorts of idols and addictions.

When we look back in our lives, we can see God’s faithfulness so clearly. And we look to the future in HOPE. God doesn’t change. He is going to continue to work in our lives if we don’t give up. God’s compassion and commitment to us never changes. The Lord never walks away, He always encourages us to KEEP GOING.
So now in the light of this, I have 4 words.


Nadine Bell