The Psalmody, Art, Creative and Prophetic conference was impactful. To hear more about worship, the arts and creative as well as the prophetic in business, biblical justice, social media, dreams, storytelling and more, take a listen here!


It was such an incredible time having Tom Inglis to minister to us at the Psalmody Conference weekend! You can listen to each of his four sessions using the links below:


In addition to Tom Inglis, we were blessed to have some incredible speakers run our breakout sessions over the conference weekend, sharing on their area of ministry! Each of these sessions were recorded and you can listen to them here using the podcast links below:



God has invited us into a grand narrative of Kingdom restoration. When we understand this, a business can become a vehicle for partnering with the Lord to see our communities, cities, and nations transformed. When we consider God’s original work in Genesis 1, we discover that His intended design for our labour was to imitate Him. The inherent nature of prophetic (Spirit-empowered) business leadership should be that which brings order from chaos and beauty from barrenness, for the benefit of others. Join us as we consider practical ways to achieve this.



In this hour-long pop-up session, Nathan will introduce the attendee to a course First Worship College of Ministries will be offering later in the year. The purpose of the course is to examine and explore the beauty and purpose of Art from a Christian perspective. God is the ultimate creator and artist and we are created in His image. This course will inspire you as we begin to understand the cultural mandate God has given us to create and view art and art history through biblical and prophetic references.



A conversation around the why and how of songwriting. From melody making to collaborative composition to lyrical landscaping. How to turn creative concepts into tangible products. We were created to worship our Creator, the only way we can be whole is to live in a relationship with Him.



Most dreams are symbolic and this pop-up session will bring clarity on where your dreams come from and how to interpret the different symbols to bring understanding. We need both skill and revelation from the Holy Spirit to interpret our dreams and the Scriptures are foundational in this interpretative process. God is speaking to many of us through our dreams and has given us the ability to understand them.



Blessing our cities and seeing them flourish is a call to justice. This is laid out in Proverbs 11:11; “When right-living people bless the city, it flourishes; evil talk turns it into a ghost town in no time.” In this pop-up session, we shall explore this call: Firstly individually for us to be righteous and live right. Secondly and more broadly, where we bless our surroundings and impact the spaces we operate in. To do this the prophetic has to be operational in our lives. Recognizing that God has all of the answers and solutions to what is keeping our cities from flourishing and that he desires for us to hear his voice.



As believers, we have the privilege of being able to access supernatural insight as well as solutions for every situation we encounter. Why? Because as believers we carry Him into every situation we enter! This practical session will equip believers to understand more about this gift and how to grow and develop it further in their lives. Our heart is that we would become good stewards of what God is entrusting to us and carry breakthroughs into every situation we enter.



Movies and TV have a massive microphone of influence on our culture today, often drowning out messages of faith with the world’s agenda. In this workshop, we will be exploring story construction, thematic language and a basic idea of narrative structure through the lens of modern faith-based storytelling. Married couple Carine and Luke Rous have been active in the film and TV industry in South Africa for 15 years. Carine is a SAFTA award-winning actress (best actress in a comedy 2018) while Luke has produced over 300 hours of prime-time content. They were part of the team who pioneered the short film-making competition “The Good Story” in their local church community, and their love for storytelling is something they are excited to share.



There is no surprise in the immense and increasing usage and influence of social media platforms today. The narrative of social media has slowly become one of addiction, self-idolisation, instant gratification, and temporary trends. It is so easy to get lost in the endless scroll and fall into the pressure of finding the perfect hashtag, image, or caption to showcase the best parts of our life. We’re all connected and yet as disconnected as we’ve ever been… But what if we have been called to shift the narrative and turn it upside down? What if social media could be the tool in our hands (literally and figuratively) to meet people where they are, spread the gospel to the ends of the earth and highlight an eternal trend available to everyone, everywhere? Let’s explore how we can invert the narrative together and bring out the God colours on our screens.