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New Covenant Kids

Our heart is that no child should leave a Sunday morning without being changed and equipped in some way to exercise their faith in the week to come. Lessons are structured to cover all the essentials aspects of growth in our faith. Scripture reading, Prayer, listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit and Worship are woven into a fun, engaging and interactive Sunday morning expression.

We maintain that the primary spiritual input into a child’s life must come from the parents and that we play a support role in this. New Covenant Kids (NCK) is totally committed to partner with parents in the spiritual growth of their children.

Age Groups

New Covenant Kids consists of 5 specific age groups that cater for the spiritual development of the child specific to age groups. The groups run at the morning service. Registration opens at 08:30am for the 9:00am service.


6 – 23 MONTHS

Core teaching: God made me
Location: In Room 101 opposite Echo Cafe


1 – 3 YEARS

Core teaching: God loves me 
Location: In the first entrance to Little Flock Pre-Primary



Core teaching: Jesus wants to be my friend
Location: In the Little
Flock main hall


GRADE 1 – 4

Core teaching: A life with
Jesus is amazing
Location: In the Thatch Hall


GRADE 5 – 7

Core teaching: Tell the world
Location: In the Youth Office
common area

At Stepping Up we want young people to foster a sense of adventure and have a whole lot of fun too. After all a life with Jesus is never boring! Our desire is to create a safe space where young people can be free to ask the “hard” questions of life and meet the life giver Himself. Build solid lasting friendships and put their faith into action.

We also have a heart to see young people recognise the gifts God has placed in them and leverage them to bring glory to His name. This is expressed through our annual youth talent show, which has become an event with a city wide audience.

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Darren & Kirsty

Darren and Kirsten Mortimer led the 50 strong volunteer team of NCK. Together they have over 35 years of experience in working with and ministry to children and their families. They have been married for 15 years and have 2 children, Shianne and Mitch who both serve in kids’ ministry as well.

Their family life is centred on the NCCB campus where both kids attend King’s and Kirsten is a Grade R teacher at Little flock. On Saturdays you may find this family at a local race track as both Darren and Mitch race motorcycles. Kirsten and Shianne are both water babies, with Shianne being a provincial swimmer

Darren who’s nickname, the “faster pastor” (from his racing days) was volunteer in NCK for 3 years before he transitioned into a full time role in 2011.


We hate religion. We desire authentic relationship with the Father. We are a community of young people who aren’t perfect, we are flawed, we sometimes fall short but, we know that we are loved.

In a world where conforming to the status quo is not only the norm, but also an expectation, we passionately aim to position young people to boldly walk in relationship with the Father. We believe that God has purposed young people for influence, not to follow. In light of this our mission at Young Blood Forever is simple: to become more like Christ.

Jason & Danielle

Jason & Danielle

Jason and Danielle love having the opportunity to walk a discipleship journey with young people. They are passionate about the next generation and desire to see young people walk in the fullness of what God has called them to.

Jason worked in the insurance & creative industries before he got a job on the NCCB campus at The Kings College and Preparatory School Bryanston where he runs the leadership development initiative, The Kings leadership Academy. Danielle is an investment analyst and has a degree in Economics and a degree in Theology. While on scholarship in the USA she was involved in campus ministries, leading the praise and worship team. The Sandows’ have the privilege of raising two beautiful little girls; Zion and Eden, who attend Little Flock.