Guest columnist: Submission


Submitting to the will of God in one’s life can be an exciting adventure or burdensome and challenging; sometimes it is a bit of both. The truth is, when God invites us to do something, it will always require submission somewhere along the journey. As we embrace His plans, we might have to submit to His timing, a place He has called us to, a person he has put over us, a country where He wants us to be or a process. Those who do not understand the power and beauty of submission, often view God as controlling; they don’t realise to submit is for our development, as well as our protection and provision. 

Mary the mother of Jesus is one of the greatest biblical examples of submission. Amid a controversial pregnancy and without any precedent in history, Mary submitted to God’s will with these famous words, “be it unto me according to your words”. This does not mean she was naïve or foolish; she understood the earthly impossibility and irrationality involved: “how will this be, being that I have never been with a man?” Like Mary, Noah also submitted to God’s plan and built the ark when no one had ever experienced a flood. Submitting to God might make others ridicule you, but God will work miracles! 

Unlike Mary and Noah, Jonah resisted God’s will to minister in Nineveh. As children of God, we all have a freewill to choose to submit to God or not. Sadly, when we refuse to submit to God, there are many negative consequences, such as missed opportunities with God. Whatever God has called you to do or to become, today is a great day to practice submission. Jesus submitted His life in fulfilling over 300 Old Testament prophecies about Himself to fulfil the Father’s plan of redemption for humans. How will you submit your life?  


By Kiplin Batchelor