Business: How do you see your life?

As the Church of Christ, we are privileged to shine the light of Jesus in every environment that we find ourselves in, bringing a sense of hope and purpose wherever we go. 

Rick Warren (author of Purpose Driven Life) says, “The way you see your life shapes your life.” At NCCB, we believe that people need to see their role in the business world as a high calling, no less than being a full-time pastor who leads a local church! Too often, people believe that if you really want to give your life for Jesus, it requires you to take up a full-time role in a church or become a missionary to some distant land. The truth of the matter is that wherever you are serving Jesus as Lord, you are in ministry – the world needs people who are passionately following Jesus in the marketplace, serving Him through the vehicle of their vocation.

It is because we believe that serving Jesus effectively in the business world is such a high call that we started the Business Forum. Through the Business Forum, we desire to journey with business people (current and future) beyond their business by restoring them to purpose. While most business people would probably not like to admit this out loud, one of the greatest obstacles we need to overcome is our own fear and insecurity. How many leaders have thought to themselves, “It’s just a matter of time before someone finds out that I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Our journey together is not only about creating a place where everyone from the top executive to a young professional finding their way in the working world can belong; it is also about connecting people to a Kingdom purpose. Anyone who has ever been in a leadership position will know that it can be a very lonely place. To have an environment where you are supported through like-minded Kingdom relationships and are equipped with tools and resources to help solve practical challenges, helps create lasting value in this high call of business

So, if you are in the business world, how do you see your life? Are you stuck in the endless grind of a day-to-day existence, holding out for the next weekend or vacation? Or do you find yourself living in the unforced rhythms of God’s grace, shining your light and bringing a sense of hope and purpose wherever you go? 


by Trevor Hartley