What is the Voice of God?

The only way that we can recognise or know someone’s voice is if we have spent time with them. I can hear my husband’s or children’s voice in a crowd of people because I know them so well. Even a child in a mother’s womb knows her voice and will respond to it once the … Read more

Discipleship & Tozer

The other day I picked up a copy of Discipleship by A. W. Tozer, hoping to glean some understanding of how discipleship works, how the church can disciple better and how I could disciple others. After reading a few pages, it was apparent that it wouldn’t answer any of my questions. Instead, it described to … Read more


You More than ENOUGH I know there are so many voices you hear And meant with the best intentions, yet I want you to hear this one thing YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH! There are lies and comparisons, charades of performance Yet He has made you brave … Brave isn’t always the grand gestures Brave … Read more


Now we got problems And I don’t think we can solve them You made a really deep cut And baby now we got bad blood (hey!) Taylor Swift Have you ever been wronged by someone? Betrayed? Whether with friends, family, at work or with a spouse – relational breakdowns hurt! Most of us can relate … Read more


PROCESSING LOSS. As someone said: “Recovery from trauma unfolds in its own time; it doesn’t look to the clock or calendar for direction” It can be said that grief is a measure of the affection we had and still have for those that have gone before us. We all know that loss is a part … Read more

Growing as a believer

I love gardening, and have lost many hours of my time to the small piece of ground I’m currently investing in. I live in Johannesburg, but a lot of the plants that catch my attention aren’t designed to thrive in our climate. My husband and I are huge fans of proteas, but they have the … Read more

How do I hear God?

So often we think we can only hear God one way and that is audibly. Isn’t that true? If it is not audible and stops us in our tracks, we think it can’t be Him! Yet so often it is the gentle, quiet whispers that we feel in our soul. Many times, it can also … Read more


Seasons are incredible things. They’re a part of this rhythm God has created in nature, and they bow to no-one other than God. No matter how much we long for the warmth of summer to remain, Autumn and Winter always come. And once we get all cosy in winter, spring pops up and the rhythm … Read more

Why We Wait

Hi I’m Sian and I’m still waiting. *insert AA HI SIAN here* I am a waiter (not the carrying dishes kind – the OH MY WORD WHEN IS THIS GOING TO END kind). We are all waiting. We are constantly waiting for something: A spouse. Our children. That amazing job. A new car. Family to … Read more

What Does Peace Look Like?

In a world of chaos and busyness, conflict and confusion, it is easy to take the word ‘peace’ as a fleeting moment of calmness, instead of a cornerstone of who we are as believers. ‘Prince of Peace’ is one of the many names of our Christ Jesus. “…and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, … Read more